My Story


I was 32 when I left my successful corporate job. I left at the peak of my career. I left because the work environment became negative. It was no longer fun and I was not happy going to the office. I thought that if I didn’t leave my job, I would not be open to whatever opportunities came my way. So, I decided that that quarter would be my last.

That decision has led me to living my dreams. I left without another job and took the time to think about what I wanted to do with my life. It was the first time I had ever thought about a career. I opened a Pandora’s box when I asked the question,


‘What could I love to do?’

That was the beginning of my journey of self discovery which has led me to Wakeboarding and living a TruAge Lifestyle – where Mind and Body Unite.


In 2015, I was selected to represent Singapore in the 28th Southeast Asian Games where over 4300 athletes from 11 countries gathered in Singapore to compete, an event that reached 3.3 million viewers in Singapore and millions more across Asia. I took part in the team event for Wakeboarding and brought home the Silver medal in spite of competing with girls half my age. I was 38.


I almost didn’t get to ride in the Games when I tore (Grade 2)  my mcl 3 weeks before my competition date. Still, I was hoping to be able to ride for my event. Then, the physiotherapist told me that I needed to manage my expectations… the typical healing time for such an injury is 4 weeks. And I am supposed to have my leg locked at a certain angle to allow the ligaments to heal. Meaning no physical activity. Because of the injury, my thigh muscles lost their capacity. Time was needed to rebuild the muscles. I was devastated.

“But I knew it was possible.”


I don’t only ride but I teach others to wakeboard too. As a wakeboarding instructor, I am known for my no nonsense style with an emphasis on progression by establishing the Mind-Body connection. This is what makes me stand out from other Wakeboarding instructors and this is why people come back to me.

MBU - Riding

“They start to realise their true potential.”

I also have been schooled in the ‘feel’ methodology which has been proven to be quicker to master and above all, safer. With this method, I have had quicker success with those new to the activity. Wakeboarding is beyond just being able to ride the ‘waves’; it is about finding the warrior in you to break through the limitations that hold you back from achieving greater success and more in life.


Besides teaching, I am an advocate of a clinically proven and measurable method of health management – A.G.Es (Advanced Glycation End-products) Management. A.G.Es weaken the human body causing it to age faster than it should leading to easy injury and the early onset of many modern day diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

MBU - Advocating AGEs

“Managing your A.G.Es is all about EMPOWERING your physical body.”

2 years into wakeboarding, I started to fall apart – my knees were constantly aching; I had to stop wearing high heels. My back and neck were always sore; I often woke up with a stiff neck. I realised then that I needed to be stronger if I wanted to wakeboard competitively. Understanding how A.G.Es affect the physical body (including the brain) has made it easy for me to make decisions that positively impact my body so that I can perform better.


Drawing from the lessons and successes of my life experience, I help people understand their Mind and Body better which has tremendous amounts of benefits in the long run.


Through, I work with a group of service providers whom I specially hand-picked to help individuals breakthrough from what holds them back from achieving more success through taking care of their Mind and Body; for without them, nothing else matters.

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